Reliability, making human contact key, professionalism, guarantee of quality

Reliability. "We share values to create values" (cit. Ferrero). We strive every day to entrepreneurial values in which we believe are maintained and to ensure that our work is ethical, and carried out for the benefit of communities benefit that we work in. Our professionalism, measurable in terms of effectiveness and efficiency, coexists with the "Aldia style" customized from time to time in order to meet the different needs of the individuals we work with.

Making human contact key. We guarantee complete respect for the identity of each user, by means of security and protection of private data, and through the prevention of all forms of discrimination. We aim at ensuring fairness, transparency and efficiency, so that awareness of these common objectives. We maintain a close relationship with people and their families, with our users, our workers and our customers. We pay attention to the evolution of needs during all stages of life, and are always looking for new ways of relating to our various stakeholders.

Professionalism. We attach great importance to the enhancement of people. For our users, we establish intervention programs aimed at improving their quality of life and increasing their well-being. And for our members, we promote the best possible business climate, ensuring complete communication and dealing with the criticism?. Our goal is to develop an increasingly functional organisation, through the clarity of roles and responsibilities, and the development of synergies between the functions of the cooperative, the guarantee of full respect for the personal as well the professional identity.

Guarantee of the quality of services. We are committed to continuously enhancing our ability to interpret and listen to the needs of the regions in which we operate and to their expectations through local strategic planning.

Stability of the roots. For more than 30 years we have been working in the variious regions and developing relationships and partnerships with other cooperatives and other entities of the third sector aimed, in particular, at the development of social responsibility between economic and institutional actors. We work efficiently, effectively and economically, boosting the creation of alliances and creating a solid social network.