Vision e mission

The values of Aldia

To develop the spirit of a cooperative, to promote it in every aspect of professional and personal life, to ensure that "people for people" remains at the core of Aldia’s activities: an added value that guarantees stability and quality. 


The mission of Aldia

To have a social, dynamic and ethical business model, capable of developing  innovative and consistent processes and to create economic value capable of supporting our growth, whilst at the same time continuing to promote the concept of "people for people", which underlines our corporate vision.

  • People focused
    (Members and partners, users, clients and customers)
  • Promotion of assistance and integration (Among our members, but also between the realities of our different services, going beyond the concept of individualism)
  • Professionalism, commitment and dedication (in accordance with our growth)
  • Innovation (Focus on continuous improvement)
  • Promoting a policy of quality (The " Aldia trademark," guarantor of services’ quality and professional skills)